360 Orbital Booth

360 Orbital Booth can bring fantastic all-angle moving content to users. Our  software uses wireless technology for controlling and sharing content. By means of high-speed camera and adjustable rotation speed, it can realize 360 Degree bullet time effect and create real slow motion video.

The instantly generated 360 Degree content can be shared to email, mobile and social media.

It is not only an innovation but also a REVOLUTION!


How will our 360 Orbital Booth make your clients happy?

360degree video

Instantly Create Fantastic 360 Degree Videos

Comparing with the regular photo booths, it can easily create 360 Degree Videos. Rely on high-speed cameras; it can perfectly present slow-motion, wide-angle and high definition video.

Meanwhile, many branding elements also can be added to 360 Degree Videos, like banner, moving overlay, background audio, pre-roll and post-roll videos. All of them can be generated instantly!

Real Slow Motion Video

Our 360 Degree Photo Booth is compliable with high-speed sports cameras. It can create a wide-angle smooth 1080p or 720p 8X and 4X slow-motion video with wireless transmission.

slow motion video
photobooth wireless control

Wireless Control

Camera, spinning arm and rotation speed all can be controlled wirelessly. It is also equipped with a wireless remote trigger. That makes the on-site operation so smooth and flexible, adjusting exactly up on your needs!

Video Customization

It can create maximum 8X super slow motion (240 fps) HD video. Moreover, we can customize 360 degree video’s logo overlay, moving overlay, background music, intro and outro video.

photobooth video customization
photobooth video sharing

Video Sharing

Instantly sharing is core of a successful photo booth! Our software can output 360 degree video in social media aspect ratio and share it through email, social media and cloud storage. Users can also use computers, iOS and Android tablets as sharing stations.

Are you ready for a 360 Orbital Booth experience?

(Available from March 2020)

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