Classic Photo Booth

Choose between our beautiful vintage-style, old-fashion camera or the modern, sleek white photo booth stations… All are handcrafted locally and add a level of class to every kind of event. Our awesome backdrops, well-designed prints, funny props, and engaging photo booth pros ensure one thing: you and your guests will have a fantastic time with us.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful, vintage and completely unique. We provide an incredible photo booth rental experience.

High Quality Prints

We use DSLR cameras, studio lighting and custom edits to make your photos professional.

Friendliest People

You won’t find friendlier attendants. We hire the best people and their job  is to serve & make you smile!

Video Booth

We can easily turn your Photo Booth into Video Booth for fantastic, shareable video sessions!!! Or you can have both and let your guests decide…

Available Classic Photobooth stations

White Photobooth Classic
Classic Retro Photo Booth
Vintage Photobooth

How it works

Features & Specs

Some of our standard features you will find in our Photo Booths

Gorgeous photos

By using professional camera and lighting equipment, custom edits, and years of photographic experience, we’ve perfected the art of taking photo booth images. As a result, our photos are the best looking photo booth images you’ll ever take, and we hear, regularly, that our pictures make people feel incredible about the way they look!

And that is a factor to think over when you plan to book us!!

Interactive touch screen

Our custom touchscreen interface makes it easy for guests to use. They are able even to sign the photo if they like. Available live-viewing in real time.

Very simple and easy to use even without the help of our attedants.

Amazing Gifs

We create beautiful Gifs from the pictures taken that play forward and backwards.
You can share them immediately with your friends and families!!!
Or we can create boomerangs with slow motion videos.. Also shareable… It is up to you!!!

Instant Sharing – Unlimited prints

Using our own Internet connection you can share your images, Gifs or videos  directly with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or  Airdrop. You can also reprint any picture anytime as many times you need it throught our open gallery. They are also magnetic!!!

social sharing

Creative Print Templates

We have professional designers in our team who make sure that each print template is exactly what our clients want when they book us for photo experiences that include printing. We will customize the logos, colors, and fonts of your favorite print template so that each event gets a print design that fits with its theme or brand perfectly.

Choose your design

Beautiful Backdrops

Our backdrops are modern and look great in any venue. You may choose one of our available backdrops, at no additional cost, while custom backdrops are an option for every event.

Choose Yours
photo album 2

Unique Wishbooks

Our beautiful handcrafted wishbooks are the perfect gadget for your wedding. All guests stick their photo and leave their wish. A very nice procedure for the people and the perfect memory for the couple. You can choose your own personalized design.

See them all

Open Format Booth

Open set allows more people to fit in each shot, uses better lighting, and looks amazing.

Magnetic Prints

Our prints have vivid, long lasting colors with huge lifetime. And they are magnetic!

Sleeves for prints

All prints, strips and photos,  are delivered with a beautiful sleeve to protect them. You can also create your custom sleeve upon request.

Awesome props

Our props are funny, High-quality and in huge variety. Hats, lips, mustaches, vintage labels, glasses.. Your choices are endless…

Live view mode

Don’t guess! Just look on the screen and  see what is going on and how you look in real time. You also have instant viewing of the photos taken.

On-line gallery

All pictures, videos and gifs are loaded in our on-line gallery in real time. So they are all available through our site’s gallery for your guests to view, share or download them.

Auto-upload in your Facebook page

If you have a gallery on Facebook dedicated to your event we can automatically upload all pictures on the background.

Survey mode

You can create a survey so people before collecting  their prints have to go through. All data are delivered in .csv file at the end of the service. Works fine for corporate events.

Data delivery

All original pictures of sessions, prints, videos & Gifs are delivered to the client, in High-Res, in personalized USB stick with case, just after the end of our service.

Optional Features

Here’s a list of  add-ons & options available with our classic photo booth.

Interactive Print Layouts

Turn your print layout into interactive by using our fantastic iSmartphoto app!!  (we are the official resellers in Greece!).

Our fantastic technology will convert a classic photo-booth hard copy into a live screen that will play a video through your guests’ smarphones, with your  wishes, message, complimentaries or even your advertisment or campain. And that will happen with the most magical way, so your guests will have a full emotional experience!!

Your guests have to follow these three easy steps: Download the free app, enter the supplied verification code and finally turn their smartphone’s camera on the print that they will get from the booth. Then …magically…, their prints get alive and play the embedded video/slideshow!!!   It works even without a internet connection..

Turn your Photo/Mirror Booth’s prints into evelasting thank-you cards,  most special favours or a live adds for your Brand or campaign. Let your guests live the WOW Factor!!!

All nesessary instructions are provided onto a small label that comes together with every sleeve for the photos, bent with a beautiful tassel.

You can try it yourselfe! Download the app  iSmartphoto from Google Play or App Store.  Then insert the code 1234 and turn your phone’s camera on the following picture. Live the Wow Factor!!

Additional Social Station

Our Social Station makes it easy for guests to view, send, and share their photos to themselves or to social media straight from the iPad-based social sharing station near the booth. Keep the lines mooving… Strongly suggested for events with more than 200 guests.

social sharing

Additional 55” Monitor

We can provide you with a large 55” monitor so you can either enjoy a beautiful slideshow of all pictures and Gifs or for the crowd’s live-viewing of the sessions!!!

Inflatable Room

Our 3x3x3m inflatable white room fits perfectly in any location. Led lighting and red carpet are provided for a glamorous and more private sessions.

Valid only for Attica region. For other regions just ask for a quote.

For larger events, business/marketing or custom projects just contact us to get the best quote!

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