Traditional headshots are boring. They’re often intimidating and tend to look the same as everyone else’s. Are you ready for something new?

Say hello to Headshots by OnePhotoBooth.

Headshots are fresh, fun, and immediate. Our automated system takes photos, edits them, displays them for sharing immediately, and then intelligently renames the photo.

It’s a breath of fresh air for HR departments, something new and fun for team members, and it’s easier and more cost-effective than a traditional headshot photography session.


Our booths become the photographer. Our attendants help people relax. Take the pressure out of posture and posing and take headshots until you find one you love.


Instead of tripods, trip hazards, and daunting technical equipment, we create a fun space that people can enjoy. Headshots were boring. OnePhotobooth’s Headshots are easy and fun.


Our approach to corporate headshots is different from the outset. We use colorful, modern backdrops, in order to built vibrant headshots and express passion and life. We want Headshots to make you smile!

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