Glambot is a high-speed robotic camera arm, capable of shooting and editing in seconds, cinematic-quality footage straight from Hollywood!

Bring the ‘wow’ factor to your event or corporate activation that will have guests watching, talking about, and posting to social media for days.

We offer the  Glambot experience in most major cities across the country.

The instantly generated content can be shared to email, mobile and social media.

Feel like a star at the Oscars or Grammy Awards. Are you ready for the red carpet experience?

Killer features

-Generates Fantastic   cinematic footage

-Real Slow Motion Video

-Shots up to 4-5 people

-Video Customization

-Instant Video Sharing

-Personalized video templates

Take a look…

 The most sophisticated features..

This is  what we can provide you..

Instantly Create Fantastic Cinematic  Videos

Slow it down and capture high-definition, real slow-motion videos with fantastic effects, ready to share and enjoy for years to come.

Custom layouts & ovelays

Each rental comes with a custom-designed overlay personalized for your event. Change colors, text, graphics and add logos, hashtags and more. We can also add background Audio of your choice, pre-roll and post-roll videos.  Promotion at its best!!

Custom movements, timeline and effects

We have 8 standard movements for you to select. But we can create any movement you can think of, if asked.

Videos come with a variety of different timelines and effects, that you can select. We even use AI technology for more sophisticated results. Need more? We can design anything you wish! Any timeline with any effect for any need of yours, either you’re partying or you’re making a brand installation. Just ask for it!

Sharing station & Microsites

Share your slow motion videos,  via text, airdrop, QR scan, and email in real time on a secondary station that we provide.

We will also create a branded microsite just for your event. We also will provide you with a personalized gallery for each guest, (via face recognition software), so people can visit, download and share their photos/videos any time they wish.

Fantastic Props

We have a huge variety of props that we curate specifically for each event. Hats, glasses, sticks, just name it…

You like something custom? We can design and print something exclusive for you.

Backgrounds and Deco

Our company can also provide you with ideas about backdrops and decoration.

Double/side siquin fabric backdrops 3x2m, Curved printed backdrops (180 or 360), Floral backdrops 2×2,4m, , Led fairy-light backdrops.

Now available our NEW shimmer backdrops in many fabulous colors, shimmer tunnels, and the stunning Led tunnels.

Also available our inflatable black out/silver in, with led lighting,  3x3m  enclosure!!

We can also provide Lighting Letters and Neon Led signs. Just ask for it!!!

Branded or customized layouts Glambot Videos

Choose yours



Make your mark with Glambot! Physical and digital branding is simple but extremely effective.

We can brand your starting screen, email form, microsite, gallery and the slideshow on a ext. monitor

You can also have custom frameless background 2x2m or curved magnetic wall 4x3m.

Decoration Ideas

Backdrops and Deco Ideas

 Our company can provide you with a variety of backdrops, enclosures and tunnels.

Sequin fabrics, floral walls, shimmer walls, led tunnes Shimmer tunnels , Neon-led signs , inflatable rooms and many more .. Any dream comes true..

Sequin backdrops

Eye-catching double-side Sequin backdrops, size  180x200cm(H).

Available colors:  Golden chevron / Silver / Black with Gold

Shimmer backdrops (NEW)

Spectacular  Shimmer Backdrops, size 210x240cm(H). You can use two pieces to create a corner.

Available in 4 amazing colors: Black / Silver / Gold / White iridescent

Led Tunnels

Create the most futuristic set up with our amazing led tunnels. Use the RGB LEDs and give any color you like with a unique perspective effect.

Size 200cm depth, 240cm height and 90cm width for the back-panel. Back-panel can also be printed with your Brand, Logo, etc.

Shimmer tunnels

Combine the fantastic shimmer panels with the perspective effect of a tunnel. Bi-color tunnels is a great idea too!

Size 200cm depth, 240cm height and 90cm width for the back-panel. Back-panel can also be printed with your Brand, Logo, etc.

Floral & Green Walls

We offer amazing green walls that you can decorate with any kind of flowers/signs.

We also rent flower walls with white or mixed salmon/fuchsia Roses.

Size 210×240(H)cm.

Pink Roses WallWhite Roses Wall

Neon-Led Signs (coming soon)

Neon Signs is a  “must” for every party!  We offer a wide variety of ready-to-go signs. And we can design any custom sign you want!

Size 200cm depth, 240cm height and 90cm width for the back-panel. Back-panel can also be printed with your Brand, Logo, etc.


Are you looking for a unique setup that all your guests will never forget? Our new enclosures are here for you!

Inflatable Room

Our new inflatable room is the best add-on for any kind of activation or any kind of booth, either a classic photo-booth, mirror-booth, 360 video booth or even the Glambot.

Black on the outside, silver inside with the amazing RGB led lighting will create the best mood for the party! Size ext. 3x3m

3 Pieces Led enclosure with Shimmer 

The most impressive enclosure for the 360 video booth or Glambot! 

3 pieces of curved panels sized 90cm width x 220cm height with black fabric and vertical RGB LED bars inside and shimmer panels of your favorite color outside!  You can place the panels any way you like, creating either a half or a full circle. For more spectacular results you can add the same-dressed top ceiling that you can either brand or dress with shimmer panels as well.

Available shimmer colors: Black, Silver, Gold & White iridescent.

Are you ready for ultimate Glambot experience?

(Following pricelists are valid for Attica region and events with max. 250 guests.)