Event-based Instagram & Twitter hashtag printing stations, so users can hashtag photos on their mobile devices in order to print and display them in real time at your event. With customizable printing template so you can have your message or brand communicated. The perfect idea for your party, wedding or  Brand promotion.

How it works

Customize your print layout

We have professional designers in our team who make sure each print template is exactly what our clients want. We will customize the logos, colors, and fonts of your favorite print template so that each event gets a print design that fits with its theme or brand perfectly.

Let’s design yours

Available Features

Slideshow presentation

Not only can you print photos from Instagram & Twitter, but you can display them in a customizable slideshow or wall presentation. Downloaded photos and tweets are automatically added to the slideshow which can be displayed on a monitor, TV or projection.

Instant printing

Auto or  manual printing of the photos moments after their capture.  Max prints per user mode available.

Multiple printers

For large events such as exhibitions, concerts, etc., we can have multiple printer network for as big production of prints as we need.

Contest Mode

Encourage more people to upload. Contest mode allows you to define a winning ticket template that gets printed a certain percentage of the time. You can use this to offer an incentive for people to tag their photos in order to win a prize.

Drive traffic, get more “Likes”

Instrapix can also automatically upload photos to a Facebook page in the background, giving you another way to collect all of the photos from your event and gain more “Likes” at the same time. For every post with your hashtag, all of that user’s friends will see your brand and the social media outreach is exponential. You can also upload them in an FTP.

Roaming Photographer

Combine one or more roaming photographers in your event. They are using Wi-Fi cards, so all of their shots are available to view or print in a few seconds.

Display Advertising

Add interstitial ads to your slideshows. Instapix allows you to add commercial advertising at your event or location. Grab passersby attention with advertising images or videos shown at a timed interval. Having your key messages displayed continually via display advertising will get the attention of people who were not planning on stopping by.

Instagram Video Support

Instagram allows users to upload 15 second videos. Instapix will monitor and download these videos just like photos. The videos are displayed in the slideshow along with everyone’s photos and will play inline. Print Instagram videos as a still or as a flipbook.

Wall of Fame

All pictures printed are magnetic. So we can stick or hang them to a beautiful vintage frame that is included in our Instapix.


Social Station & Survey Mode

We can add one or as many  Social Stations together with your Instapix. That  makes it easy for guests to view, send and share their photos via Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Pinterest, right from the kiosk. You can also use background uploaders like Client Facebook, Smugmug and FTP to automate the storage of photos at other locations. Our Social stations also let users share videos.

Moreover, we can engage people  to a survey. Ask users a series of questions before they are allowed to share their photos. We will store this data along with email addresses, Facebook and Twitter usernames, as well as other valuable Facebook user info. All data will be delivered to you in a (.csv) file for further marketing actions.

Additional Monitors / Video-Walls

Use one or multiple monitors, projectors or video-walls in your event for a better projection of the slideshow and your add campain.

Private Wi-Fi

The area of your event has not an Internet connection? Don’t worry!!!

We can provide you with all of our upload, e-mail and sharing features using our own network. By using Cosmote network we create our own Wi-Fi hotspot.


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