Python Booth

Python Booth

Is it a photo booth, that produces photos, videos, or boomerangs? No, it is all together, the unique Python Booth!

Find out the most sophisticated photo booth in the market, that makes it all!! It generates Stills, Gifs, Boomerangs and Videos. All services in just one station! Sleek, social and simple to use.

Let your guests embrace a huge variety of sharable branded moments via text, email, airdrop, QR code or post on the spot. Absolutely perfect for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Upgrade your event and make your team & clients happy.

Python Booth 2


Stand out and make the most of Python Booth’s unique branding capabilities. Display your advertising message on its high-definition vertical LCD screen. Fully brand your content with custom templates, starting screens, micro-sites and email forms. Additionally, take advantage of its vinyl wrapping option. The most interactive, impressive outcome, the only one that will become the live advertisement for you!

Python Booth 2

The Most Advanced Features in the Market

  • Small footprint

  • Attracting RGB ring light

  • Captures Stills, Gifs & Video

  • Real slow-motion videos

  • Multiple templates and filtering

  • Custom timeline and Video effects

  • Soundtrack of your choice

  • Stickers & Virtual Props

  • Touchless activation & sharing via QR code

  • Advanced Auto-sharing with Face Recognition Technology

  • Branded starting screen, microsite, email form and slideshow

  • Instant gallery with multiple options (mail, text, airdrop, Instagram, Twitter,…)

  • AI background removal for Stills and Videos

  • Scratch or Spin prize mode

  • Gallery with Facematching option

  • Instant Wireless Printing in all sizes

  • ..and many more

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Slow motion Video
Slow motion Video
Slow motion Video for VOXXED Days
Slow motion Video for LIDL Hellas
Python Photobooth VoxxedDays
3 frames Photo for VOXXED Days
Python Photobooth Lidl Hellas
3 frames Photo for LIDL Hellas
Python Photobooth Lidl Hellas
1 frame image for Samsung

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