Wedding Gadgets

In this page you can find many ideas for beautiful gifts and favours for your wedding day. You can also find lots of gadgets for your bachelor party, personalized decoration stuff and wearables for bride and groom. T-shirts, sashes, bridal robes, tank-tops, ties, wooden tie-bones, cufflinks, placemats, candles, frames, purses, wallets, lighters, bracelets, necklaces, special frames, thank-you cards and tones more…
Our products are offered with ready or customizable templates but you can personalize them with your photos or designs!!! All you have to do is to select the product and send us by e-mail  your favourite design or picture.
Delivery is in 1-2 days for Greece and for orders larger that 40€ you get free delivery.

Our list is updated weekly with new products and designs, so keep in touch!!

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