Mirror Booth

Our beautiful, state-of-the-art, most awesome Photo Booth in the market is now available from OnePhotoBooth. 

Its amazing features and elegant style will make your event shine and glow!!!

Perfect for weddings, parties, fashion shows, exhibitions, shopping centers, marketing events.

Mirror Booth

With a 60” touch screen mirror and amazing animation will lead your guests to the most fun and interactive experience.

Oval Mirror Booth

Beautiful, stylish and elegant. The most impressive photo booth rental experience.

How it works

This new photo booth goes beyond the camera and screen display of the classic booth by using a full-length mirror with a hidden camera that can communicate with guests. By just touching the screen, you can activate entertaining animations, voice guidance, and compliments. The mirror leads your guests through the experience, whether you want them to take a keepsake picture, enter a contest that will help you capture a lead, or do another task to make a Bay Area wedding or corporate event more fun.

They will come away with a smile on their face and a great picture.

Additional features

In addition to all standard features of  other Photo Booths, Mirror Booth provides:

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth captures a full length head to toe image. Stand as close or as far away as you need  to take fit as many people in the picture as possible.

Choose to have one full length portrait 6×4″ print or have multiple portraits on one print. All that on the main  screen before the session. And don’t forget… You are facing a 60”  mirror screen!!!

Use our exclusive Facial Detection software to apply digital props on screen to your photos. Choose from a large range of emojis, masks, hats & glasses. We can even create custom props, just for your event!!!

After taking single or multiple photos, you can sign them with a personal message or drawing. Sign photos using the touch screen, mirror booth paint brush or add from a variety of stamps.

Creative Print Templates

We have professional designers in our team who make sure each print template is exactly what our clients want when they book us for photo experiences that include printing. We will customize the logos, colors, and fonts of your favorite print template so that each event gets a print design that fits with its theme or brand perfectly.

Choose your design

Unique Wishbooks

Our beautiful handcrafted wishbooks are the perfect gadget for your wedding. All guests stick their photo and leave their wish. A very nice procedure for the people and the perfect memory for the couple. You can choose your own personalized design.

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Beautiful Frames

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Optional features

Here’s a list of options available with any of our photo booth experiences.

Additional Social Station

Our Social Station makes it easy for guests to view, send, and share their photos to themselves or to social media straight from the iPad-based social sharing station near the booth. Keep the lines mooving.. Strongly suggested for events with more than 200 guests.

Red Carpet with Leds & Bollards

Complete the fancy presentation of your  Mirror Booth set with the fantastic red carpet with led lighting and two pairs of bollards with red rope to create a private area for shooting.

Prices valid for Attica region with max 300 guests

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